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Eco Plumbing and Gas is qualified and experienced to carry out any gas services in your Perth home.  Gas is a clean and affordable energy source, which can be used to heat your water, cook your food, and heat your home.

Whether you require gas appliance services or a gas installation, contact us and we’ll provide you with a speedy, obligation-free quote. We take the quality of our service offerings seriously and make sure we always provide a safe and efficient service to all our clients.  We service the entire Perth metro region, as well as the Western Suburbs including;

  • Claremont
  • Dalkeith
  • Mosman park
  • Subiaco
  • Wembley
  • Nedlands
  • Floreat, City Beach
  • Cottesloe
  • North Fremantle.

All gas appliances and systems need to be maintained properly and serviced regularly to keep them operating efficiently and ensure your home is safe at all times. We are experts in maintaining and servicing all gas operated appliances and specialise in gas leak detection.

Gas is a cheap energy source and as gas hot water installation specialists, we can design and install a system suited to your home or office requirements. We are accredited natural gas suppliers and will competently perform any of your gas appliance repairs. Contact us to find out more about our gas service offerings.

Gas Connections
It’s important to check all your gas connections on a regular basis and replace or repair those that need it. This will prevent unwanted gas leaks occurring and prevent your gas connections from suffering too much wear and tear, and causing larger issues.

Gas Appliances
Gas is a clean affordable energy source and it’s possible to run a variety of gas appliances in your home. We offer the full range of gas appliance services and repairs. Contact us and we will send a qualified technician to check all your appliances and repair those that require it.

Gas Hot Water Systems
Heating water for bathing, showering and washing dishes uses a lot of energy. That is why we offer an affordable gas hot water installation which will save you lot of money and is kinder to the environment. Gas is fast becoming a popular source of energy; it’s safe and efficient, and most importantly, highly cost effective.

Natural Gas

As accredited natural gas suppliers, we have supplied hundreds of homes with natural gas, and all our customers swear by it. Natural gas is way more cost effective than electricity, is a clean form of energy and the network is underground. This means that the system is unaffected by weather, and no unsightly power stations are required.

Supplying both the domestic and commercial markets, we offer a repair and maintenance service for your gas appliances. Whatever your requirements, when it comes to gas, contact us, we have the expertise and experience to suit any of your LPG requirements.

Commercial Gas
While we supply many homes in the Perth region with gas supplies and services, we also offer a wide range of commercial gas services. Whether you need gas appliances for your retail shop or restaurant, or require gas for an entire office block, contact us. We will design a solution specifically to suit your unique requirements.

Contact us for all your gas services and supplies.
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